***Limited Edition of 25***

36" x 34" signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity.


The Story:

'Abduction' is a reimagining of Greek mythology; in particular, 'The Abduction of Ganymede' (1650) a painting by French painter Eustache Le Sueur.

The story is about the powerful god Zeus, known for often abusing his power for selfish reasons, Ganymede, a sheep herder. Ganymede was the most beautiful human Zeus laid eyes on. One day, Zeus decides to abduct Ganymede from his home and make Ganymede a servant and wine-pourer in the heavens. 

In this painting, the bald eagle dually symbolizes America and Zues; while Ganymede represents Mother Africa. This piece tells a much deeper story of our American history and its religious and racial imperialism.


Original painted in 2018.


  • Each artwork is rolled/framed by hand. We do not mass produce. Because of this, we do not accept returns. If damaged, we will offer an exchange for a new print. A return shipping label will be sent and upon arrival and another art print will be shipped out.

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    Framing will take an additional week.