An Artist's Worst Enemy: Procrastination

"You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic." -Bill Watterson

* I have noticed that explaining this process is a little tricky given that I did not record. So i'm going to stick to focusing on my mental process. I'm thinking of setting up some online classes and doing some Q & A's in the near future.

The Mental Struggle.

I struggle with finishing paintings. Once I have the composition down and block in the color it's like I just shut down. I'll do more staring than painting. Although it can be very frustrating, I have to embrace it. There is always a reason why I stopped, besides just being over it...

..Hmm, I can only assume this is why artist hire finish!

However, I embrace procrastination and utilize my time to catch up on chorus, play with kids or just sit and do absolutely nothing (a lot of naps take place during this time). This is another reason I have my paintings in the house with me, it's like the big elephant in the room...silent yet demanding to be finished.

To all my artist, this phase is OK! Take that time you need to recharge. I guarantee the moment you muster up the energy to sit back down in that art chair, you'll see things you didn't see before. Perhaps you want to add something or someone in that dead space in the corner of the painting or fix a hand that looks a little awkward.

Procrastination, whether it's a few days or weeks, is giving you the gift of a fresh pair of eyes.

Next week will be the reveal of the finish painting and a little commentary.

*Spring break is over and kids schooling is back in play. Bare with me. I will be figuring out a way to break this all down.

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