Miss Education


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The Orisha's


The Lucumi religion has always been a part of my Afro-Cuban upbringing. As I explored deeper within the religion as an adult I felt compelled to portray them as tangible beings, with all their natural flaws and defects instead of as idealized Gods.

New World Consciousness


This exhibition explores the duality between The Virgin Mary and Eve as a point of departure in the deconstruction of a dominant ideological narrative rooted in Eurocentric conceptions of beauty and superiority.
During the period of “Christian Colonization” women were put into two distinct categories; The Virgin Mary and Eve. The Virgin Mary is a woman who has been set on a pedestal so high that she is impossible to emulate.  She is obedient. She is pure.  She is long-suffering (and silent).  In a patriarchy, she is in a word, ideal, the woman no modern woman in our society ever could become.  And even should be made to want to become.  And then there is Eve.  Disobedient.  Sexualized.  The woman who dare to question, to challenge; the woman whom we are taught had Adam (and, thus, all of mankind), kicked out of the Garden of Eden as a result of her nonconformity. Both women have been judged by male standards of acceptability and respectability.  Revered, or reviled.  Commended, or condemned.


Black Imaginary To Counter Hegemony (2017)

Replacing the white male figures (the most represented) with people I believe have been the least represented. By con-temporizing the meaning behind these iconic paintings we can begin to recondition our minds to accept new concepts of human value.

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Upon visiting my family in Cuba for the first time, I became greatly inspired by my roots.




January 2018

Prejudice, laws and twists of American History have long united US against slavery and disposition. Through Americas indolent reveal of truths, we are gaining knowledge that empowers us and our generations to come.

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24" x 24" Oil on linen and Gold Leaf