I do not see the print I want, Is it still available?

If you do not see the print on the website, it is not available.

What is the size of your prints?

All dimensions of the prints are located in the description box located once you select the print you wish to purchase.

Will you be making more prints after the limited is sold?

No, we do not make other editions of prints after they are sold out.

Are there prints available thats not as expensive?

We have created a series specifically to make the Orishas more accessible to everyone. It is the artist mix between art she has physically created and digital art. The unlimited prints are available here.

What are the prices for your artwork?

There is a downloadable price list located at the top of the page on the Original art tab.

I do not see the art I want on your site.

If the artwork is not on the website, it is either not available or not for sale at this time.

*If you subscribe to the site, we will notify you by email when a new piece of art is available for sale.

Do you lease your art?

We only lease Harmonia's art for educational purposes, with a signed agreement. We do not lease her art for personal use such as album covers, clothing…etc.

Do you take commissions?

Only if the commission is aligned with Harmonia's message.