Why do you make exclusive and limited prints?

Harmonia’s vision is for the masses to have access to her narratives through art. Whether that be through an experienced collector who purchased an original piece, a museum having her art on display, or a collector who simply wants to have a piece of her work on their wall to stare at from time to time!  

What is the difference between exclusive and limited prints?

Exclusive prints are original works of arts from her collection that have drew such a demand that Harmonia has chosen (in agreement with the collector) to have as prints for additional collectors. These prints are capped at 25.

Limited prints are digital works of arts from Harmonia’s vast narrative. These have not been sold as an original work of art but truly capture her unique perspective. 

I do not see the print I want. Is it still available?  

All our prints are either exclusive or limited, If you do not see the print on the website, they have completely sold out and will not be reproduced. 

Will you make more prints after the limited and exclusive are sold?

Unfortunately, no. This is out of respect to our collectors. The good news, there will always be limited and exclusive prints available on the site. Subscribe here to know when new prints release. 

Are there more affordable prints? 

The limited prints are Harmonia’s most affordable prints. The size, scope and quality of these prints could easily make them more expensive, however, Harmonia has made it a priority to keep this price point at a value. Please note, the price listed includes shipping. 

What are the prices for your original artwork? 

Prices for her original art work vary. If your a collector and interested, please send us an email business@harmoniarosales.com 

How do I inquire about attending a show, exhibition or seeing the art on display in a museum?

Joining Harmonia’s subscribers list gets you access to updates. Including first opportunities to RSVP to a show, purchase an exclusive print and insight on what she’s working on! 

Do you lease your art? 

Museums and galleries are welcomed to reach out to discuss leasing various works from her collectors. 

Do you take commissions? 

Traditionally no, however, if the messaging aligns... 

Inquiring on high-resolution images, copyright, licensing, etc? 

Due to existing agreements, Harmonia is prohibited from sharing digital images, copyright and/or licenses of her work. The exceptions, which still require approval, would be limited to universities, select media outlets and business entities.